Celebrity Baby Names Crazier than “North West”.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West recently became proud parents of a baby girl whom they named North West, something that has left fans all over the world astonished. Lol. (thank God my parents didn’t name me after a cardinal point).

But in reality, this is not the worst we have heard so far. In fact, the name is perfectly normal compared to past celebrity baby names that have sounded really wacky. My top three crazy names are-

1)Moxie CrimeFighter

Magician Penn Jillette says he loves his daughter’s wild name. “I love the name Moxie,I love that it is a purely American word, and those are rare, and I love that it stands for old fashioned spunk and energy. His wife EZ pushed for the middle name, “CrimeFighter”. Weird people. Lol

2)Pilot Inspektor

Jason Lee and his wife Beth Riesgraf got the name Pilot from a Grand-daddy song. And Inspektor came from a friend.

3)Audio Science

“Knight’s Tale” actress Shannyn Sossamon and boyfriend Dallas Clayton say they chose the name because they wanted a word not a name.


Well, Congratulations to Kim and Kanye, I guess your baby’s name is not the wackiest. But I still think your favorite dessert would have been better instead of drawing inspiration from a compass. LOL

3 thoughts on “Celebrity Baby Names Crazier than “North West”.

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