Happy 6th Birthday, iPhone

iphone_bday (1)

It was exactly six years ago to the day when Apple’s iPhone made it’s debut in the US market. More than 356 million iPhone sales later, this smartphone has become a worldwide tech staple, a recognizable cultural icon and a product that’s transformed the Cupertino company’s business.

Since the first iPhone model became available on June 29,2007, the device has been through more than five updates, with the most recent iteration the iPhone 5- released in September 2012. With each update, the latest iPhone generated a media frenzy and long lines at Apple stores across the world.

In the second quarter of 2013, the iPhone was single handedly responsible for raking in half of Apple’s Revenue. In fact, $22.96 billion in revenue for the quarter ending March 31 of this year. Apple’s iPhone business alone is larger than giants like Microsoft, Coca-Cola and Walt Disney ($20.49, $11.04 billion and $10.55 billion, respectively).

But the iPhone has also seen its share of growing pains with antenna problems- dubbed “Antennagate”- and other quality issues like its scratch prone nature. Apple has also been criticized for questions about its iPhone supply chain. Asian manufacturer foxconn has been under fire for the treatment of its factory workers in china.

At six years old, the speculation about the next version of the iPhone continues. This time, it’s the alleged “iPhone 5s”.

So on this milestone day: Happy birthday , iPhone.

Source: Mashable

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