Happy 6th Birthday, iPhone

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It was exactly six years ago to the day when Apple’s iPhone made it’s debut in the US market. More than 356 million iPhone sales later, this smartphone has become a worldwide tech staple, a recognizable cultural icon and a product that’s transformed the Cupertino company’s business.

Since the first iPhone model became available on June 29,2007, the device has been through more than five updates, with the most recent iteration the iPhone 5- released in September 2012. With each update, the latest iPhone generated a media frenzy and long lines at Apple stores across the world.

In the second quarter of 2013, the iPhone was single handedly responsible for raking in half of Apple’s Revenue. In fact, $22.96 billion in revenue for the quarter ending March 31 of this year. Apple’s iPhone business alone is larger than giants like Microsoft, Coca-Cola and Walt Disney ($20.49, $11.04 billion and $10.55 billion, respectively).

But the iPhone has also seen its share of growing pains with antenna problems- dubbed “Antennagate”- and other quality issues like its scratch prone nature. Apple has also been criticized for questions about its iPhone supply chain. Asian manufacturer foxconn has been under fire for the treatment of its factory workers in china.

At six years old, the speculation about the next version of the iPhone continues. This time, it’s the alleged “iPhone 5s”.

So on this milestone day: Happy birthday , iPhone.

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Kanye proposes to Kim!


Seems as if Kim finally got the happy ending she always wanted.

Sources have it that Kanye West has finally proposed to the reality TV star, by giving her a “push-present”- a gift given by the father of a baby to the mother either before or after birth in the delivery room. A gift which costs half a million dollars.

The gift is a unique black and tiger-striped diamond ring and the two are planning a September wedding in Paris.

They spent days in the Cedars Sinai Hospital in Beverly Hills after Kim gave birth to their daughter and Kanye is said to have made all sorts of arrangements for Kim and North to get comfy. These arrangements included hiring a personal labor coach and spending thousands on treatment at the hospital.


Chris Brown Accused of Assaulting Another Woman in Night Club


Yeah, Chris can’t win for losing and ever since his split with Rihanna it seems his career has taken a turn for the worse. No one even cares that his album drops this month. Anyway he was in a club in Anaheim California performing on Saturday night and the victim stated that it was so violent that she may need surgery!


Deanna Gines says that , she was in the VIP section with Chris at Heat Ultra Lounge in Anaheim  where he had just performed. When the bar was about to close, she claims Chris shoved her to the ground. Deanna tells us, the shove was deliberate and she fell hard on her knees.  Deanna tells TMZ she filed a police report, and rep for the Anaheim PD says a female did indeed file a report for assault inside the club, but the rep won’t disclose the name. Cops are investigating.  Deanna says she went to the hospital and doctors told her she had torn ligaments in her right knee. She’s going to see another doc later this week and she says she’s already been told she may have to go under the knife.

Source: http://tattletailzz.com

Download Jay-Z’s App to Get ‘Magna Carta’ for Free


Rapper Jay-Z is giving away his upcoming album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, to one million owners of the Samsung Galaxy SIII, Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note II. To get a copy, you will first need to download an app that went live in the Google Play store.

The “Jay-Z Magna Carta” app shows footage of Jay-Z talking about the album and some lyrics , which can be unlocked when you share the app on Facebook or Twitter.

The app looks similar to MagnaCartaHolyGrail.com

The unlocked lyrics in the app offer an early glimpse into Jay-Z’s album:

You take the clothes off my back / And I let you / You steal the food right out my mouth / And I watch you eat it / I still don’t know why / Why our love is so much / Ohhh / You curse my name in spite to put me to shame / Air all my laundry in the streets / Dirty or clean / Give it up for fame but I still don’t know why / Why I love it so much / Yea / And baby/ It’s amazing I’m in this maze with you / I just can’t crack ya code / One day you screaming you love me loud / The next day you’re so cold / One day you here / One day you there / One day you care / You’re so unfair sippin from the cup / Tilt runneth over / Holy Grail

A second verse in the app has some lyrics blacked out.

Source: Mashable

10 Foods That Clean Your Facial Skin

Everyone wants clean, healthy, and great looking skin. Although moisturizers are great, as are certain facial products you can use at home, and different makeup products you can purchase, there are also several foods that will help clear your skin, and give you that young, glowing look you are in search of. With several different ingredients, healthy oils, and essential nutrients, these are 10 Food That cleans your facial skin, and will give you that young, healthy glow, and the all natural skin appearance you are looking for.

1. Avocados – Not only are they used in many facial products, but the skin as well as the fruit of the avocado are exceptionally high in Vitamin B. Niacin (b-3), is very important to smooth, healthy skin, and can help with the appearance of irritated, red, or puffy skin. If you choose this fruit, you can either consume it in a salad, in a smoothie, or on its own; or, you can choose to use the fruit as a facial rub, with other natural ingredients, to help with the skin’s overall appearance.

2. Berries – Vitamin C is another essential for healthy skin, and berries have it. From strawberries to blackberries, the vitamins will work to help build collagen fibers, and provide younger looking skin. Antioxidants are also very high in the berries you consume, and these are essential to helping with inflammation. Whether you consume smoothies on a regular basis, or just eat a few strawberries each day, they are great resources for healthier looking skin.

3. Cottage Cheese – Selenium and Vitamin E which are found in this food, help fight free radicals, as well as provide higher antioxidant counts for healthier looking skin. Certain reports also claim that cottage cheese can help prevent certain types of cancers, if eaten as part of a healthy diet plan.

4. Almonds (nuts) – Fatty acids found in these foods help maintain the cell membrane, and help remove harmful toxins from the body. They also help retain water, which gives the skin the plump, healthy look you want over your face and body. Plus, the healthy oils and fats in nuts are great for overall heart health, and maintaining a healthy weight, which is something everyone wants to do.
5. Potatoes – A baked potato can provide a high amount of copper the body needs, for a healthy glow. The high zinc and Vitamin C count also aid in creating more elastin in the skin, providing young, healthy, and vibrant looking skin, at all times of the day.

6. Healthy whole grains – Although grains that are low on the glycemic index cause a spike in blood sugars, whole grains are on the high end of the spectrum, meaning they are also going to help in keeping the young looking, healthy appearance you want, when you are considering skin care, and the best looking skin possible. You do have to make sure they are high in fiber (look for foods listed high by the Whole Grain Council), for the best results, and for the most benefits to your skin.

7. Flax seed – If you do not love fish, or other foods that are high in omega-3 fatty acids, flax seed oil is the perfect solution for you. The high omega-3 count is going to help with hydrating the body, diluting sebum levels, unclogging pores, and helping prevent and fight acne. The healthy oils found in this flax seed oil, will give the skin the natural glow, and will provide you with the health benefits you need, for young, healthy skin.

8. Yogurt – High in protein, yogurt is going to help create firmer, more elastic looking skin. Greek yogurt is even more beneficial, as it contains more than two times the amount of protein, and is high in fiber, as regular blends of yogurt that you would consume. As an added benefit, there are several great flavors, and you can go with plain if you add some berries, or honey, for a little more flavor.

9. Pepper – With green, yellow, orange, and red, not only are peppers fun and colorful on your plate, they can also help with the crow’s feet you experience below your eyes. Carotenoids (antioxidants in these peppers) help with wrinkle prevention, and they can also help to reduce wrinkles, for younger, and for fine and healthy looking skin, if eaten on a regular basis.

10. Mango – Not only is it a delicious fruit, it can also help with the overall look and health of your skin. Mango contains more than 80% of the Vitamin A you need to consume during the course of the day, and it can help maintain the skin, and overall appearance of it. The high levels of antioxidants also help fight off free radicals, meaning you are not going to notice premature, or aging skin, at a younger age than you would hope to. Plus, it is low in calories, and it is a great fruit to add to your diet regime.
Of course there are several other foods that you can include in the diet, that are going to help with the appearance of the skin, as well as with your overall health. From fish such as salmon, that are high in omega-3 fatty acids, to walnuts, that have the oil that will help soften the skin, there are several foods that you can choose from, for better, younger looking skin. Depending on your diet, and foods you enjoy, some options are going to be better than others, for certain dieters.
Regardless of the benefits you are looking for, or what kind of appearance you want your skin to have, these 10 Food That cleans your facial skin are not only going to provide a finer, younger appearance, they will also make you feel better. For heart health, as well as for the benefit of younger looking skin, these are 10 of the many great options and foods that you should consider adding to the diet on a regular basis, for the results, and great looking complexion, you seek.

Source: epk.com

Celebrity Baby Names Crazier than “North West”.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West recently became proud parents of a baby girl whom they named North West, something that has left fans all over the world astonished. Lol. (thank God my parents didn’t name me after a cardinal point).

But in reality, this is not the worst we have heard so far. In fact, the name is perfectly normal compared to past celebrity baby names that have sounded really wacky. My top three crazy names are-

1)Moxie CrimeFighter

Magician Penn Jillette says he loves his daughter’s wild name. “I love the name Moxie,I love that it is a purely American word, and those are rare, and I love that it stands for old fashioned spunk and energy. His wife EZ pushed for the middle name, “CrimeFighter”. Weird people. Lol

2)Pilot Inspektor

Jason Lee and his wife Beth Riesgraf got the name Pilot from a Grand-daddy song. And Inspektor came from a friend.

3)Audio Science

“Knight’s Tale” actress Shannyn Sossamon and boyfriend Dallas Clayton say they chose the name because they wanted a word not a name.


Well, Congratulations to Kim and Kanye, I guess your baby’s name is not the wackiest. But I still think your favorite dessert would have been better instead of drawing inspiration from a compass. LOL