It’s Father’s Day!

A Father is every girl’s first boyfriend, friend and confidant.

Remember when you were a little girl and your mum will be mad at you and you run to your dad for protection?
Yes, that is what father’s do. They protect.

Over the years, I have learned a lot from my dad, especially “forgiveness”.
I remember when I was a little girl in primary school, I would always report to him, wrongs that have been done to me. And guess what he would tell me?”Gbahara”; meaning “forgive” in my dialect.
This always pissed me off and I thought he wasn’t strong enough to fight my battles.

As a grown up, I realize he was only teaching me the lesson of “forgiveness” and that “love” was the surest way of winning every battle.

One other lesson taught me by father is to be strong no matter what happens to you. I learnt from him to take everything in life with the heart of a man.

On the comic side, my favorite quote from him is – “if someone ignores you once, ignore them twice”. Lol

Here’s to wishing the best man for raising any child a Happy Father’s Day.