Love is actually

Love is probably the most popular topic in the society.
Everyone loves to love; and everyone wants to be loved.

I don’t always have the zeal to write in volumes, what I feel at anytime. But I felt this unease right about now and decided to free my soul.

I have been watching a lot of “Vampire Romance movies” and sometimes I get carried away and think to myself- “maybe I can flip my humanity switch..”.
But then again, to what end?

Every human being has a heart and the “Heart” is your primary enemy.
You have that one thing that cripples you when you think about it.

This is your point of sanity, it could make or mar you at any point.
It is your weakness.

Some of us have gotten our fingers burnt in the process of loving and we took a decision never to care about anything else asides ourselves. Might sound selfish, I know, but in reality we are only ‘playing safe”.

But then, it starts creeping in: that gentle fear of being alone for the rest of your life, without having someone to care about and vice versa.
Suddenly, you feel the need to be loved, to love in return.

Somehow, your fear of the unknown won’t let you. It creeps into your soul and seethes there causing you to worry about everything.

Finally you find your soulmate; that one person that drives away your fears. You look into the person’s eyes and all you see is Heaven.
There are no worries because you’ve finally found your better half.
They take you in their arms and you know that this is the beginning of the rest of your lives.

Well, this is not the perfect “…happily ever after” movie.
Things suddenly go wrong. You feel yourself hanging in space.
It seems your source of oxygen has been cut off.

The little but yet big things start happening.
The perfect script has gone wrong.
Late night conversations turn to “once a day” talks, then it becomes once in two days, once a week, text messages; to the point where you have to stare at your phone all through the night to see if your eyes can make their call come through.

And then it happens; it all comes crashing down leaving you breathless.
A love story made in heaven comes crumbling at your feet.
Where do you go from here? You are left broken and at crossroads.

To you, love is actually an enemy.
Or maybe, you should start all over again?

Only time will tell.