Think Outside the Box


All my life I have always felt the need to be different from everyone else; not to follow the crowd but to lead the way for a change.

I get perplexed sometimes when I’m handed issues which everyone has got a conventional approach to: and all I can hear my mind echoing is- “why must it be done that way?”.

So many times, we are scared of taking risks and we wind up doing things the way everyone else would.

What if we froze all our fears for a change? What if we came up with ideas that were not common?

What if you tried doing it your own way? What if you think outside the box?

Stop trying to fit in, when you can stand out!


Father’s Day was recently celebrated in most parts of the World. So many people went online to profess their love for their fathers with pictures of them displayed all over facebook, twitter, Instagram and the rest of them, but only a few actually said it in reality to their fathers.

I am not particularly a big fan of “public show of emotions” so I made sure I called my dad to tell him how much he means to me.

So many times, we forget to show love to those we call family. To those ones who share the same DNA with us or we’ve been adopted into. Some of us give a lot of excuses about how much we’ve been hurt by these same people.

Have you ever had the opportunity of visiting an orphanage? You see how these children desperately want to be loved? To have a family to call their own?
Some of them end up spending years there without any family adopting them.

I had a chat with my mum after Father’s Day and she complained to me about a cousin of mine who feels she has imbibed the Western Culture and as a result cut off her family.
As much as this was not a surprise to me, I feel really bad when I think of how someone can go through life without having a family.
Apparently, this is what so many people will kill for and someone is just throwing it away like it meant nothing.

I know that after reading this, someone will see it as just one of those talks that amounts to nothing.
But think about it; you are blessed with a family. Don’t let another day go by without loving them.




Sometimes, it is almost impossible to remain calm in the face of a serious storm.

You’ve been shot up the sky, and you are left falling from more than a thousand feet up there.
Suddenly you’ve become breathless and there’s nothing in this wide world to help you.

You keep repeating to yourself- “this too shall pass”, but even that does not help.

You are like a lost sojourner in the middle of Great Britain’s Oxford Street.
There is probably no one to stop and direct you.

How do you get through life at this point?

Finding that point of calmness or sanity could almost be impossible.

What should be your source of strength when everything else has left you wandering without hope?